EzilStein is a simple structure that supports tablet devices in a natural position for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.  Holding a tablet device with your hands for an extended period of time can be tiresome, and resting the device on your lap can cause neck strain.  Having your device in front of your face is ergonomically correct for your posture and for your neck.   This is exactly what the EzilStein does.  More information regarding ergonomics and tablet use can be found by clicking here.

Using tablet devices or smartphones can cause serious injury overtime.  Text Neck and iPad Shoulder are the names given to some of these conditions.  The EzilStein hands free iPad Tablet device holder ergonomically supports the device at near eye level freeing your hands from having to hold the tablet device.

EzilStein is a minimalist design and Handmade in the USA from high quality, lightweight materials.  The frame is a scratch resistant, high strength, anodized, aerospace aluminum alloy.  The support posts are made from red oak,  genuine leather is used for the adjustable attachment point, and the strap tensioner is a one-piece aluminum part.  EzilStein weighs only 2.3 oz (65 grams), which is slightly less than the weight of 3 common AA batteries or about half the weight of a smart phone.  It is 9.5 inches (24.13 cm) in length when collapsed and 18.25 inches (46.36 cm) when setup for use.

The EzilStein hands free iPad tablet device holder is a simple, minimalist design that ergonomically holds and supports your device for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.  It is made out of very high quality materials that should last a lifetime under normal use.

EzilStein is extremely lightweight and packs small enough such that you can take it anywhere with setup taking only seconds.  Once familiar with using the EzilStein, it seems as though your tablet device is floating in front of your face.  For this reason, it is ideal for watching videos, playing games, reading, and more.  New possibilities exist now that your hands are free.  Detailed Instructions for how to properly use the EzilStein are located here.

This EzilStein device is very useful when using a tablet device for an extended period of time. It’s absolutely perfect for watching movies on tablet devices. You wear the EzilStein so it can be used anywhere and it’s very lightweight and packs small enough to fit in your pocket. It holds the device near eye-level when in a relaxed position and once you’re familiar with using it, it seems as though the tablet device is floating in front of your face.  EzilStein creates a relaxing and more enjoyable tablet experience...anywhere...

EzilStein improves the overall tablet experience...